55 Industrial Highway

Essington, PA 19029

Facility: 610-521-0900

Airport Pickup: 877-291-PARK (7275)

Corporate Office: 610-521-1500


  • Excellent Service-Family Run!

    Oct 18, 2017 by Tim

    I have been utilizing Expresspark South Lot for a long time and this past trip the service with the van pick ups was EXCELLENT!
    I use the online reservation tool.

    Keep up the fine customer service! No one likes to wait at the airport more than they have to after a long flight. Expresspark South gets you back to your car fast! Make sure you call them AFTER you have your luggage, name, and number in your party, it makes the dispatchers job more efficient and faster for all of us.

  • Oct 18, 2017 by Colleen Kern

    we use your lot exclusively and have given out your name to many, many coworkers as well. Very efficient drop off and ride to airport. pick up from airport could be a little quicker on weekends but otherwise would totally recommend.

  • PHLAirpostparking , USA 4.9 5.0 8109 8109 I have been utilizing Expresspark South Lot for a long time and this past trip the service with the van pick ups was EXCELLENT! I use the online reservation tool. Keep up the f


1. Where is Expresspark – South Lot located?
Expresspark – South Lot Airport Parking is located at 55 Industrial Highway, Essington, PA 19029. For map and directions from your location, please click on the balloon on the map in sidebar, and click directions.

2. How far from the Philadelphia International Airport is Expresspark – South Lot located and when should I arrive at the parking facility?
Expresspark – South Lot is located just minutes from PHL. We request arrival at Expresspark – South Lot 10 minutes before you are required to arrive at the airport for your flight. When traveling on a Domestic Flight the Airlines request arrival at the airport two hours before your scheduled Departure Time. For International Flights the Airlines request arrival at the airport three hours before scheduled Departure Time. Generally speaking, Expresspark – South Lot’s shuttle should be able to get you to the airport in under 5 minutes. (It is advisable to check with your airline for specific times, special arrangements and/or last minute rescheduling issues).

3. How often do Expresspark – South Lot shuttle vans run to/from the airport?
Expresspark – South Lot shuttles run on demand! You pull onto our parking facility, park your vehicle, our staff assists you with your luggage and we will have a shuttle van ready and waiting to quickly take you up to the airport! When you arrive back into Philadelphia call our 1-800 number from Baggage Claim, which connects you to our dispatcher, after you retrieve your luggage.
(See #4 below.)

4. What should I do when I arrive back into the Philadelphia International Airport from my trip? How do I get back to my vehicle at Expresspark – South Lot?
It’s easy! Proceed to the Baggage Claim Area. PLEASE RETRIEVE YOUR LUGGAGE FIRST, as our shuttle vans are not permitted to wait at the curb while you retrieve your luggage. Call 1-877-291-PARK (7275). You will automatically be connected to an Expresspark – South Lot Dispatcher. Our Dispatcher will welcome you home and proceed to ask your name, what airport terminal you are located in, (Terminal A through F), how many people are in your party and if you have your luggage. The Dispatcher will then direct you out to Zone 3, where one of our shuttle vans will pick you up.

5. How are parking fees calculated?
We calculate our fee on a 24 hour clock with a 2 hour grace period.

6. How long will I have to wait for a pick-up by an Expresspark – South Lot shuttle van?
No time at all! Expresspark – South Lot’s pick-up time is typically 5 – 10 minutes after receiving your telephone call.

7. What are Expresspark – South Lot’s hours of operation?
Expresspark – South Lot is open 24/7, 365 days a year, rain or shine!

8. What are Expresspark – South Lot’s parking rates?
Expresspark – South Lot’s daily rates are low and sensible! We calculate our fee on a 24 hour clock with a 2 hour grace period. Call and compare, you will find one of our staff members eager to answer your questions. Please call 610-521-0900 to speak with a Customer Service Representative. We offer special rates for Corporate Travelers, Frequent Flyers, Large Groups and Monthly Parkers. Rates are subject to applicable taxes unless otherwise stated.

9. What services does Expresspark – South Lot offer? How do I schedule them?
Expresspark – South Lot offers Self-Parking. Car Care Service includes automobile detailing and light automobile repairs from off-site vendors. Valet Parking and Car Care Services and any other add-ons are priced separately and in addition to the daily parking fee. Please note: We request you call in advance to see if we can accommodate your car care needs. Please give yourself 5 to 10 additional minutes to speak with a supervisor when checking in and scheduling light automotive repairs.

10. How safe is Expresspark – South Lot’s facility?
Expresspark – South Lot is located in Essington, Pennsylvania, a residential area and a suburb of Philadelphia. The parking facility is manned and monitored with 24/7 video surveillance.

11. What if my flight from PHL is cancelled?
Expresspark – South Lot does not charge for flights cancelled from PHL! Show us your airline ticket upon checking out and you will park for free!

12. What if I have a dead battery, flat tire or I locked my keys in my car upon my return?
Expresspark – South Lot provides emergency roadside assistance, i.e. battery jump- starts, pressurized air to fill your tire and free lock-out service by a professional locksmith to get you on your way…all at no charge to you!

13. What if I return home during a snowstorm and my car is covered in snow?
No need to worry while you are away, Expresspark – South Lot provides the snow removal equipment and will run Snow Removal Crews 24/7 to plow the driveways, salt the lots and open up parking spots until the lots are functional. Expresspark also hires outside assistance to help the customers dig out their vehicles.

14. What if I believe I left something on your shuttle van?
No matter if it is a diamond ring or a child’s toy, rest assured, if it was left at our facility or on one of our shuttles, Expresspark – South Lot logs all Lost & Found articles and keeps the items under lock and key. Please call to inquire if you believe you lost something at our facility.

15. Can I make a reservation?
Yes. Click “Book Now” to reserve at Expresspark – South Lot.

16. What if my questions and/or concerns were not answered in the FAQ List?
Please call Expresspark – South Lot and speak with a Customer Service Representative for assistance with further information, questions or concerns. We are here to serve you and are happy to do so.

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